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International Adoption in the DRC

Yav & Associates in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo is an expert law firm that specializes in domestic and international adoptions. It has been our privilege for more than a decade to represent adoptive families, agencies and adopted children from all over the world.

We have handled adoption cases at all levels and have been successful in helping to make Congo adoption laws more child-friendly. Our firm’s manager and chief counsel, Dr. Joseph Yav Katshung, is an adoption expert, a published author, and a university professor.

Please keep in mind that adoption laws are often confusing and in flux. Therefore, it is in your best interest to speak with us about your specific situation before making any decisions. For more information, contact us today!

Adopting From Non-Hague Convention Countries

Because the DRC is a Non-Hague Convention country, it follows its own adoption laws. If you or someone you know is seriously considering adopting a child from our country, it is important to have experienced and competent guides who can help you resolve and challenge that would suddenly come up.

Yav & Associates is here to help you during this process. We understand that successful international adoption is infinitely rewarding but can also have its fair share of daunting challenges.

The attorneys in our International Adoption Practice Department have the expertise to overcome such challenges. In addition, Dr. Katshung has spent years researching and personally handling the legal aspects of adoption issues of many families in the DRC and around the world.

His background in international business practices gives him the vital insight needed to conduct not only standard legal procedures but also the strategies to spare you from the vulnerabilities and risks associated with international adoption.

Document Review Assistance

We help American clients with the adoption process as we collaborate with institutions and individuals who have extensive knowledge about the processes involved and US immigration laws. Also included in our services is document review. Through this process, we make sure that your case will have no issues down the line.

YAV & ASSOCIATES was chosen as the ‘Adoption Law Firm of the Year in the Democratic Republic of Congo’ at the 2012 Corporate INTL Magazine Global Awards!

Laws Dealing With Adoption in the DRC

Please click on the links of the two laws that deals with adoption in the DRC. The first is the Law of 2009 dealing with child protection while the other is the Family Law of 1987 that still in effect. Provisions regarding adoption start at Article 650.

Loi n° 09/001 du 10 janvier 2009 portant protection de l'enfant

La loi n° 87-010 du 1er Août 1987 portant code de la famille


Renforcement des Conditions d’Obtention des Autorisations de Sortie pour Enfants Mineurs Adoptés

Cet article traite du Renforcement des Conditions pour l’Obtention des Autorisation de Sortie pour Enfants Mineurs Adoptés en République Démocratique du Congo [RDC]. Le voyage des enfants mineurs résidents au pays ; résidents à l’étranger mais venus en vacances en RDC et les enfants mineurs Congolais adoptés à partir des postes frontières et frontaliers de la République Démocratique du Congo est désormais soumis à l’obtention préalable d’une Autorisation de sortie.

Adoption in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Unlike guardianship or other systems designed for the care of the young, adoption is intended to create a permanent change in status. As such, it requires societal recognition through legal sanctions. This brief discusses the law of adoption in the DRC.

Click here for full article.

Adoption en Republique Democratique du Congo

Dans le monde, des millions d'enfants ont désespérément besoin de parents. Grâce à cette institution, adoption, de nombreux enfants abandonnés, orphelins ou autres, trouvent un foyer, une éducation, une affection qu'aucun organisme ou service ne saurait leur assurer malgré tout son dévouement. C'est aussi la joie des parents adoptifs, car cela leur procure d'immenses joies de paternité ou de maternité. En Republique Democratique du Congo, le législateur congolais a institué un seul type d'adoption, l'adoption simple, contrairement aux législateurs belge et français qui, eux en ont institué deux : l'adoption simple et l'adoption plénière. Cet article donne les particularites de l'adoption en RDC.

Cliquer ici pour lire l'article complet.

US Embassy Changes for Adoption-Related Immigrant Visa Processing in the DRC

To all our US clients, it is important to note that there is an alert from the US Embassy in Kinshasa that due to the increase in the volume of intercountry adoptions from the DRC by US citizen families, the Embassy has announced some changes to its adoption procedures related immigrant visa processing.

Issuance of Exit Permits to Adoptees in the DRC: What News?

According to a notice from the US State Department, the DRC Immigration Authorities have suspended the issuance of exit permits to adoptees.

Read this article to learn more.


We are guilty,

Of many errors and many faults, But our worst crime

Is abandoning the children, Neglecting the fountain of life. Many of the things we need can wait.

The child cannot.

Right now is the time

Bones are being formed,

Blood is being made,

Senses are being developed.

To the child we cannot answer ‘Tomorrow’.

The child’s name is ‘Today’.

– Gabriela Mistral, Chilean Nobel Laureate Poet

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